Seville before our Flight

We spent our last day in the south of Spain exploring a little bit of what Seville had to offer.  The city was pretty quiet because the only people crazy enough to be there in the 100+ degree heat were other tourist like us.  Apparently during the summer everyone heads down to the Rota area to stay nice and cool.  We walked passed a bull fighting ring on our way to yet another cathedral!  This one was a bit unique though, because there is some piece of Christopher Columbus there.  The inside was beautiful and reminded us that Europeans know what it means to truly honor their religions and their people.

We stopped by a small cafe and ate some paella before heading to the airport to catch our flight to Madrid.

It only took about an hour to get there and we went from the airport to our hotel, then straight to the center of Madrid.  We went and saw the cathedral that sits right across from the palace.  We made our way to the Mercado and got a churro with chocolate to enjoy as we walked around the town square.  Even at 11 pm the city is alive with music and people.  It was our last night before we left Europe and made our way back to the United States and we were happy to head home, but words can not express how sad we were to leave Europe.

It has been nearly six months since our trip and we will still look at each other to reminisce about how amazing this trip was. Our next trip will be back in the United States to knock off a few more states, but those trips will not happen until May and June, so enjoy the next few months guys!

Oh! We are considering creating an Instagram account to share more pictures from our adventures.  If this is something you would be interested in, comment to let me know!



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